Quality Assurance

Our quality management and acting sustainably strategy is part of our entire process to ensure zero errors. We express it in several primary actions reflected in various global quality standards certificates.


ISO 14001

ISO 14001 ensures environmentally friendly performance throughout the entire process by an efficient usage of the resources and reduction of waste.


ISO 45001

Our commitment to a safe & dynamic environment extends to include the standards for a healthy and safe work environment. ISO 45001 helps us to demonstrate effective risk management with an executive approach.



GMP, Good manufacturing practice, is a manifold system that guarantees to minimize the risks involved in the whole process from manufacturing to testing and packaging. The GMP principles are the initial part of our main values that reflect on each member in APOTEC BAY factories and labs.



As an essential part of consumers’ regulations for what they need from each product, our products are Halal certified. That guarantees to align with the standards of Muslim consumers and take the benefits of the growing demand for Halal and Kosher products for a healthier lifestyle.



FSSC ensures an integrated system to control food safety and guarantee a high level of transparency throughout the entire food supply chain. This helps us to reach an error-free manufacturing process and products that meet the global food quality standards.