Contractual Farming

APOTEC BAY contract farming provides a valuable opportunity for our partners to leverage our unique contract cultivation model to acquire the ingredients and extracts they need for their business operations. Over the years we have achieved significant strides in this venture and successfully cultivated a wide variety of top-quality botanical plants. Our proprietary farming spans over 500 hectares and we encourage our farmers to maintain sustainable farming practices to ensure the product meets the contract requirement.

Advantages of Contractual Farming with APOTEC BAY

Herbs and spices used by businesses and industries in the food, healthcare, and beauty product sector require traceability, sustainability and experienced cultivation, harvesting, and processing. With contractual farming, we’ll plant the best quality seeds, grow the crops sustainably and harvest it in time to harness the maximum benefits of its botanical extracts. You’ll also get the added advantage of utilizing our facilities and infrastructure to process and extract the ingredients you need for your productions.

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