Cosmetics & Fragrance


Natural Extracts That Enhance Personal Care and Lifestyle

Tap into the natural benefits of CO2 extracted botanical extract and make your cosmetic and fragrance products the best they can be. The essential oil, spices, and dried extracts we produce are distinct in scent and are highly effective in improving skin health. Our gentle extraction process adds value to fragrance and cosmetics applications by preserving the botanical potentials of the plant source.

High-grade CO2 Extracts

We are a trusted producer of CO2 extracts and other raw materials preferably used by businesses in the cosmetics, aromatherapy, and fragrance industry. We emphasize quality, purity, and extraction excellence while obtaining the natural essence of botanical plants. APOTEC BAY is delighted to provide some of the best botanical extracts from plants sourced from chemical-free agricultural fields in Egypt. We supply a broad range of extracts including essential oils, turmeric, peppermint, musk seed, and much more.

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