Pure Quality Oleoresin Products

Our natural extracts contain active ingredients and natural flavorings that serve the food and nutrition industry as well as the healthcare sector. Our natural extracts are concentrated liquid forms of their primary spice and herbs, they reproduce their respective characteristics.

Oleoresins complete our clients’ flavor and aroma profiles from various spices. They contain pure volatile and non-volatile constituents of the spice. They are the concentrated liquid form of spices representing the true essence of the spices in both flavor and aroma. 

Your Best Source for Egyptian Botanical Extracts.

Egypt is home to many of the world’s best herbs and spices, making it the right source for getting the volatile component of botanical plants called oleoresins. We are strategically located in the botanical ingredients hub of the nation and can provide you with pure extracts that add a distinctive aroma to food, increase dietary nutrition and improve the efficacy of health products.

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Anise Oleoresin
Basil Oleoresin
Capsicum Oleoresin
Caraway Oleoresin
Cardamom Oleoresin
Celery Seed Oleoresin
Cinnamon Oleoresin
Coriander Oleoresin
Cumin Oleoresin
Turmeric Oleoresin
Dill Seed Oleoresin
Fennel Oleoresin
Garlic Oleoresin
Ginger Oleoresin
Marjoram Oleoresin
Oregano Oleoresin
Paprika Oleoresin
Parsley Oleoresin
Peppermint Oleoresin
Pomegranate Oleoresin
Rosemary Oleoresin
Sage Oleoresin
Spearmint Oleoresin
Thyme Oleoresin