Research and Development of Innovative Ideas For Botanical Plant Extraction

APOTEC BAY’s research and development mission is to accelerate the field of botanical extraction through the discovery of innovative ways to cultivate quality plants, use advanced extraction technologies and produce better ingredients and extracts.
Our research team is leading the efforts to increase sustainable farming, improve botanical plant yield and discover new ways to effectively and purely extract raw ingredients through cutting-edge technologies.
We are also focused on finding ways to sustainably increase botanical product shelf life and encourage non-GMO plant breeding processes.

Botanical Product and Extraction Consultancy

Planning for a botanical product or extraction requires professional consultancy so you can get bespoke solutions and expert advice on the best way forward. We have over 90 years of experience that will be of great value to you and we’ll be happy to advise you on everything relating to extraction equipment and techniques, botanical plant cultivation and processing as well product optimization for maximum market acceptance.

We’ll Are Here to Help